How to Make Use of Water Bottle Koozies


There are many people who are unaware of the benefits of having slipped on koozies. Others know about them but rarely do they appreciate their benefits. This could be due to the presence of some bland and plain ones that do not attract much attention and maintain a utilitarian look to them. But there are some that are well designed with great presentations.

You will find some that can be used for bottles and others that fit nicely around cans. This is what has led to the latest trend of water bottle koozies. These are usually similar to the can style koozies, the only exception being their height, as they are taller to fit the bottles.

There are more people who are conscious of their need to take in as the recommended amounts of water. This has seen a great demand for water bottles in the past few years. There is also the fear that as the environment has changed, it is not safe to simply drink water straight from the taps. This fear has crept into all public places, even in schools. The healthy trend has seen a dip in sales of sodas and a demand for water. Students find it better to take the bottled water or bottled juices. Learn more about water bottles at

The same can be seen on those how to partake to bike riding, where they prefer the water or sports drinks. They will thus make use of more slip on koozies since they will need their beverages cool for longer periods, as well as carry as little weight as possible. When you visit the gym, swimming pool area, and other indoor courts, there shall be plenty of them. Outdoor parties are also another place to spot many of them. Wherever people are scheduled to be for a while, they shall ensure they have these bottles in place with koozies at

All these present a huge opportunity to make use of these koozies. They can be either branded to further push the awareness of a given course, for advertisement purposes, or for business, where stylish designs are incorporated, and then they get sold. There are suppliers how can design custom koozies in the least amount of time. Such koozies at do make for effective marketing tools that will not cost you a lot of money to come up with.

They also make for some attractive giveaways. You can use them for your promotional purposes, which shall prove to be quite cost-effective. There are plenty of such designers online when you need them.


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